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All Notebook Boot and Lockup posts

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    End of.


    EasyBCD will do it, but Windows only methinks.

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    A message pops up saying

    System disabled.  i72981364

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  • 12/22/18--03:44: SMART Hard Disk Error
  • Hi

    On startup I am getting the following message: The SMART hard disk check has detected an imminent failure

    I have run the diagnostic test and the test failed



    Hard drive 1 - Primary HDD Bay

    Please can somebody help??


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  • 12/22/18--03:58: Re: SMART Hard Disk Error
  • Its an 11 inch x360 tablet model 11-k154sa correct?


    The message means the internal 500 gig SATA hard drive is on its last legs; failure is right around the corner. You must replace the hard drive. Are you under warranty? 




    Pages 32-35 show how to do the replacement and you need a slim form factor (7 mm thick) hard drive like this:



    You can see the drive is not terribly expensive. If this looks like something you want to try to do, we can likely find you a video in addition to the Manual and help you get Windows and software back on it. If you would be willing to spend a little more you could upgrade to a much faster solid state drive. 


    Post back with any other questions and please accept as solution if its the info you needed. 

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  • 12/22/18--04:03: Re: SMART Hard Disk Error
  • Hi,

    It means that SMART has checked the drive and has found that it is about to fail. If you can still boot into Windows you should backup all your important files. You could install a program which reads smart and see why it states imminent failure.

    You should replace the drive:

    So what you need is a 2.5" SATA3 hard drive (max 2TB because of thickness of drive). You can get from your preferred brand such as Seagate, WD...



    or you could opt for a 2.5" SATA3 SSD which would improve the everyday performance of the PC



    On page 35 of the service manual you can see the steps to replace drive:


    You will need to reinstall the OS on the drive, either by using recovery disks, migrating a backup image or by downloading media creation tool from Microsoft on different PC running and creating a bootable pendrive with the OS on it on a different computer. (there is an explanation on the Microsoft web page on how to create the pendrive) Windows will automatically activate once installed and connected to the Internet.


    If you choose this option you will need to use the pendrive to perform a clean install of Windows 10. You might need to disable fastboot and secure boot in BIOS (probably not). So, insert the pendrive in the PC and it should boot directly from the drive. If not, turn off PC by holding the power button. Press the power button and immediately keep pressing ESC  until startup menu appears and then press F9 and choose the pendrive in the boot menu. Once it boots from pendrive follow the procedure to install Windows. You do not need a product key as it is in the firmware.


    When finished installing allow Windows to completely update and find all or most drivers. You can follow this process by going into settings > Security and update > click on Verify for updates. You might need to reboot a couple of times. Once completely updated you can go into device manager and see if there are any missing drivers (there will be yellow exclamation mark next to the device). You can find these drivers and software on HP support page for your product.

     I recommend to install HP support assistant which will help to keep drivers up to date and much more. Here you can download latest version


    Let me know if you need further help,



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    Please click on accept as solution if answered your question

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  • 12/22/18--04:54: Don't function my notebook
  • Please help me. I install Linux but I didn't install all. I end after first or second step. But I can't into BIOS and I can't give this notebook into factory setting. I would like if this notebook will be function and I will like Windows or Linux.


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  • 12/22/18--05:11: HP 15qbw548AU BIOS locked
  • I have forgotten and entered wrong passwords for the BIOS lock multiple times.


    Now I receive a System Disabled error message with code [i 95804765]


    Any help will be welcome. It will be heartbreaking to spend as much on repalcing the motherboard of a laptop that I have not used even once.

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community


    Reboot and enter   02499120



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    Restart the PC, and enter this unlock passcode...45514721

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    I have done multiple drive tests, and it only fails at smart test, in fact it and the battery test are the only that fail at all

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  • 12/22/18--06:10: Not turning on
  • My laptop its not turning on I tried several times to turn it on but it not working each time i press the on button it turns on for 2 seconds then turn off once again I plugged the charger in and left it for 15 min and it didnt work please help me as fast as you can thank you 

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  • 12/22/18--06:17: Re: BIOS password reset
  • Your very welcome



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    I’m not sure it helped but so far the programs have not freezes. Time will tell. 

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    Hy! :)


    I need some help... I have forgotten my BIOS password on my HP EliteBook 840 G2 notebook. Please help me, how can I reset it?


    Thanks a lot!

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  • 12/22/18--07:03: Need to reset BIOS password
  • I need to unlock the bios, the key it gives me is [63741226].

    Tank you

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    Reboot and enter   54554669



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    Welcome to the HP Support Community


    For that model you will need to contact HP in your region and they should be able to send you a customized SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password.


    Contact Support >>


    When talking to the HP rep ask them to escalate your service request.


    Just to note:


    Do not try removing the RTC/BIOS battery.  As it will not remove the password, but it may reset the clock and as SMC files are time coded, a large disparity between the system clock and the time encoded in the SMC may cause it to fail.



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  • 12/22/18--07:16: System disabled
  • Please help me I can’t access the bios I got system disabled code : I 55541760 


    any my help with the password please thank you 

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  • 12/22/18--07:25: Re: Not turning on
  • Sorry, but any time a laptop simply refuses to turn on, that tend to indicate a serious hardware failure.

    Software failures invariably present with error messages of some kind on the screen, such as No Operating System or No Boot Device. In these cases, reinstalling the OS from media such as DVD or USB fixes the first; rebuilding the boot records using various utilities fixes the second.

    There are these interactive diagnostic routines you can run from another PC that will attempt to walk you through some steps to determine the source(s) of the problem:

    The problem is that we HERE, have no way of diagnosing or repairing hardware problems.

    If your PC is still under the original one-year HP warranty, or if you have purchased an extended warranty from HP and this is still valid, then you should contact HP Customer Support to see about having it repaired or replaced under warranty.

    If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page:

    If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page:

    NOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!
    If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836


    However, HP Customer Support is generally not available over the weekend, so you will probably have to wait until Monday to contact them.


    If your PC is no longer under warranty, you will have to contact an HP Repair or Service Center to see if they can examine the PC to determine the cause(s) of the problems, if it can be repaired, and an estimate of the repair costs.

    If you live in the U.S., here is a link to the HP Service Repair Centers:

    If you live outside the U.S., here is a link to HP Service Centers, by Country/Region:

    Good Luck

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    Sorry, but HP only warranties their PC for the original OS version that comes preinstalled.

    If you want to replace that with something else, you are entirely on your own -- as HP does not provide consumer level support for Linux distros.


    Your best bet for Linux support is to contact the support forum for the Linux distro you are trying to install.

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